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Financial Aid
Journal & Pen For financial aid information, contact our Financial Aid Officer  at:  201-288-6300  
Financial Aid at Teterboro School can consist of both Grants and Loans Most students need a combination of both to pay their tuition.   
To assist the student, we always strive to maximize grants before any loan is computed.   
In addition, Teterboro School verifies 100% of their Pell Grant Recipients in accordance with US Department of Education regulations.  
Debt Notice:
The typical student at Teterboro School  may  accumulate approximately $12,000.00 in student  loan debt   This debt is represented by Direct  Loans, both Subsidized and Unsubsidized.   


For assistance in applying for financial aid, please click here


Federal Direct Student Loan Programs:

Teterboro School uses the Federal Direct Student Loan Program with the U.S. Department of Education as the lender.  All loans, including Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, and PLUS Loans for parents,  are originated through the school or directly through the student loan website, www.studentloans.gov .  Loans are capped at the amount that a student needs to complete the tuition at the school. 

It is important to remember that a loan obligation is  vital to your future success, so it is not to be taken lightly.  If you do not satisfactory pay back the loan it will affect your future job prospects, credit and other life challenges.

Completing the Counseling Sessions:

All Students are responsible for  completing the Entrance Counseling session,  before any funds are distributed. In addition, the student is expected to complete the  Exit Counseling  session prior to graduation . We have links to each of these sessions  for your convenience.

Managing Loans Online:

After you graduate/leave school, your loan has already been assigned to a loan servicer.  These servicers will be responsible for billing and receiving your loan payments.  It is imperative that you contact them shortly after leaving school to set up your account and prepare for repayment.  For those seeking to manage their loans online, we have provided links to assist you.  We have established links to the 5 most popular Loan Servicers.  Please   click here

Financial Aid Package:

Teterboro School tries to maximize grants for the students who qualify.  If the student wishes, student loans are added to the student's financial aid package.  If this aid package is not enough to cover the student's tuition, the student may have to consider alternative  funding to supplement the shortage. On our "Financial Aid Information Websites" page we have listed some sites to explore.  Teterboro School only lists these  sites to assist you.  We do not endorse,  or recommend any particular site.  As with all financial matters, you should use your best judgment.

Right to Appeal:

Teterboro School tries to maximize grants for the students who qualify.  If the student wishes, student loans are added to the student's financial aid package.  All students have the right to appeal their financial aid package, but the appeal will usually only be heard if new information is received that was previously unknown that would change the student's Award.  This new information would have to have written documention to support it.


Financial Aid Programs

Teterboro School of Aeronautics is an eligible institution under the following student financial aid programs:

Federal Direct Loans:

Borrowed money that you must repay with interest. These are low-interest loans made by the US Department of Education, through the direct Loan program. These loans include both the Stafford Loan and the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant:

For undergraduates with exceptional financial need (with priority given to Federal Pell Grant recipients) and does not have to be repaid.

Federal Pell Grant: 

An award to help undergraduates pay for their education after high school. For this program an undergraduate is one who has not earned a bachelors or first professional degree. These awards or grants do not have to be repaid.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Parents:

Borrowed money that you must repay with interest. These are loans made by the US Department of Education, through the direct Loan program.  The loans are regular commercial loans, with repayment starting  approximately 6 months after the student begins school.  Repayment can be delayed by requesting the interest only option, but interest will still accrue while the student is attending school, and will have to be paid.

Financial aid is available for those students who demonstrate eligibility. Contact the financial aid office for any questions you may have.


If you are covered under the Montgomery GI Bill, or the Post 9-11 benefits, you can apply for benefits online. Just click on the link found on the left.   If you are unable to use the online application, we have provided a paper application for benefits in the quick links section.  Complete the form and submit it with a copy of your  DD-214 to:

Veterans Administration                             Po Box 4616                                         Buffalo NY 14240-4616 

*Please note: Veterans are charged the same tuition rate as all other students.


All male students ages 18 -26 are required to be registered with the Selective Service in order to receive financial aid. If you are not registered please go to :       http://www.sss.gov to register.

If you are over the age of 26, but never  registered, you must obtain a "Letter of Status" from Selective Service.  There is an application form  link listed under the Financial Aid Tools. Please print it out, complete the form and submit it to the address listed.  If you have any questions,  you can call the financial officer at the school.

Voter Registration:

All students over the age of 18 should  register to vote and those students receiving Financial Aid must register to vote.  You can access this application at the following website:



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