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Mission  Statement:


 Where Great Aviation Careers Begin!


Institutional  Philosophy:

Teterboro School of Aeronautics is dedicated to providing programs that prepare students for rewarding technical careers in business, industry, and government.  The school was founded on the belief that persons seeking to improve themselves can, and will do so, when offered an educational opportunity supported by a dedicated staff, and the training resources necessary to achieve their occupational and career goals.

Educational Objectives:

The primary objective of the school's training programs is to provide students with the skills needed to obtain entry level positions in aerospace, aviation, transportation, and technical or mechanical occupations found in a wide variety of business and industry where similar technical/mechanical skills are needed. The secondary objective is to obtain a certification of eligibility from the school in preparation of the student applying for the issuance of the Federal Aviation Administration  Airframe and /or Powerplant certifications.


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