Test Paper

Proficiency Exams for Students:

Proficiency Exams are an integral part of the curriculum.  Each student is required to take and pass the General, Powerplant, and Airframe Proficiency Exams to be certificated.  These exams are given in the last block (Block 10).  The exams are given one week prior to the end of the block.  If a student does not pass any Proficiency Exam on the first attempt,  there is a mandatory waiting period before a retake may be attempted. You will need to contact the front office to be re-scheduled. Remember, that all time and monies must be satisfied, and you will need to pay for the retakes in advance, in order to be re-scheduled.

Remember, if you have been out of school for at least one year, and don't have either your A or P certificates, you will need to take the refresher course  in order to get full credit for the program.  Please contact the school director for particulars. 

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