Replacement Documents:
Replacement of Graduation Certificate:
1.  A letter from the student/graduate explaining the the certificate has been
     lost and is requesting a re-issued certificate.
2.  Two (2) forms of proper identification, of which one is a state issued photo  ID.
3.  Payment of a replacement fee of $5.00 for each certificate. Payable to TSA.
4.  Understand that the re-issued certificate will be indicated at the top of the
     certificate with the words "Re-Issued Certificate" and will contain the re-issue
     date.  The original date of issue will also be indicated on the certificate.
Replacement of School Diploma:
Please contact Mrs. Betty Ann Geiler in the school office for details.
Replacement of Lost/Destroyed Airman's Certificate (Mechanics License):
Go to:
Replacement of Lost/Destroyed Written Test Results:
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Replacement of Attendance Records:
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Please contact Mrs. Betty Ann Geiler in the school office. There will be a $5.00/page
fee applied to this request.
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