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Application Fee   $75.00
Tuition   $25,200.00
Total Cost without books or tools   $25,275.00
Estimated Cost (Books)   $400.00
Estimated Costs (Tools - Supplies)   $1,500.00
FAA Written Exams
(3 @ $165.00/each)

FAA Oral & Practical Exams  (Costs listed are approximate and apply to TSA Grads only. Outsiders may be higher)


1st License $650.00

2nd License  $550.00

Method of Payment
  • Average Monthly Payment
  • Late Payment Charge
  • Make-Up Time
  Current Hourly Rate

(Payable in   advance)  
Average Loan Debt
Student:                    $12,000.00 *
Parents:                     $13,000.00 **
* Student's debt is through the Direct Loan Program from the US Department of Education.  We do not encourage, or participate in private funding loans.

** Parent's debt is through US Department of Education, PLUS loan program. We do not encourage, or participate in private funding loans.
Veteran students coming to school under the GI Bill, by law,  are charged the same rate as all other students.

All students must have their accounts up to date by the end of Block 9 or you will not be permitted to enter Block 10. This rule applies to ALL students, even those on financial aid. No excuses or extended time requests will be honored, as you would have more than enough time to submit cash payments, or apply for the FAFSA and/or submit all the paperwork for processing. If you have submitted all the necessary paperwork to the front office and your aid has been processed, this rule would not apply to you (assuming you have no out of pocket payments to be made. If you do those payments would be expected to be paid). Also, veterans who are receiving Chapter 33 benefits (Post 911) are not subject to this rule as the front office bills and receives payments directly from the VA.

I would suggest that to avoid this situation, you apply for your FAFSA on time (remember you must apply for the current FAFSA EVERY YEAR). Also make sure you submit ALL your paperwork when the front office requests it so that your financial aid can be processed. Lastly, if you are paying cash, make sure you make your total of 15 payments every month.

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