Airframe and Powerplant Curriculum

Our curriculum provides maximum flexibility for the student seeking certification for the FAA ratings. Students may work toward the powerplant certificate, the airframe certificate, or both. The general subjects are required prerequisites for any combination of certification. In all curriculum areas, the training given at the school exceeds the minimum requirements of the federal regulations. Training is a combination of classroom and shop work. The student is first instructed in the theory of the subject in the classroom and then applies the theory in an actual shop environment using real aircraft components and systems.

Airframe Courses

In the airframe segment the student receives instruction in aircraft structures of all types:

Area of Training Course ID Subject Hours
Airframe Systems AP 101 Aircraft Fuels & Fuel Systems 58 Hours
Airframe Systems AP 102 Fuel Metering Systems 57 Hours
Airframe Systems AP 103 Fire Protection 25 Hours
Aircraft Structures I AST 1101 Wood Structures (c) 11 Hours
Aircraft Structures I AST 1102 Aircraft Covering 19 Hours
Aircraft Structures I AST 1113 Aircraft Finishes (c) 21 Hours
Aircraft Structures I AST 1114 Assembly & Rigging (c) 40 Hours
Aircraft Structures II AST 2102 Composites 59 Hours
Aircraft Structures II AST 2111 Sheet Metal Structures 116 Hours
Aircraft Structures II AST 2113 Welding 35 Hours
Power Systems PS 117 Electrical Power Systems 40 Hours
Airframe System AS 101 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems 69 Hours
Airframe System AS 102 Aircraft Landing Gear (c) 47 Hours
Airframe System AS 103 Aircraft Pneumatics Power Systems 8 Hours
Airframe System AS 104 Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems 30 Hours
Airframe System AS 105 Ice & Rain Control Systems 16 Hours
Airframe System AS 106 Electrical Distribution Systems 40 Hours
Avionics System AV 101 Instrument Systems 56 Hours
Avionics System AV 102 Communication & Navigation Systems 32 Hours
Avionics System AV 103 Position & Warning Systems 16 Hours
Avionics System AV 114 Electrical Power Systems Lab/Shop 41 Hours
Avionics System AV 115 Electrical Distribution Systems Lab/Shop 65 Hours
Avionics System GO 101 Ground Operation & Servicing 20 Hours
Airframe & Powerplant Inspect AP 111 A & P Inspection 156 Hours