Airframe and Powerplant Curriculum

Our curriculum provides maximum flexibility for the student seeking certification for the FAA ratings. Students may work toward the powerplant certificate, the airframe certificate, or both. The general subjects are required prerequisites for any combination of certification. In all curriculum areas, the training given at the school exceeds the minimum requirements of the federal regulations. Training is a combination of classroom and shop work. The student is first instructed in the theory of the subject in the classroom and then applies the theory in an actual shop environment using real aircraft components and systems.

General Courses

In the general subjects portion of the curriculum the student is taught the basic information needed to be successful in the airframe and powerplant segments.

The subjects of the general segment include:

Area of Training Course ID Subject Hours
Regulations & Documentation RD 111 Mechanic Privileges & Limitations 9 Hours
Regulations & Documentation RD 122 Aircraft Drawing 15 Hours
Regulations & Documentation RD 123 Maintenance Publications 18 Hours
Regulations & Documentation RD 124 Maintenance Forms & Records 18 Hours
Maintenance Practices MP 105 Materials & Processes 48 Hours
Maintenance Practices MP 106 Inspections 48 Hours
Maintenance Practices MP 112 Fluid Lines & Fittings 36 Hours
Maintenance Practices MP 123 Cleaning & Corrosion Control 18 Hours
Maintenance Science MS 111 Basic Physics (c) 45 Hours
Maintenance Science MS 112 Mathematics (c) 18 Hours
Maintenance Science MS 103 Weight & Balance 54 Hours
Basic Electricity BE 111 Basic Electricity 147 Hours