Graduate Services

The following are some of the benefits enjoyed by Teterboro School of Aeronautics graduates. We assist all graduates of Teterboro School equally, regardless of age, race, sex or creed.

  • Job placement assistance for a minimum of two years.
  • In school job interviews.
  • Notification of new job opportunities by personal email.
  • Graduate advising.
  • Two free academic transcripts per student at time of graduation.

Application/Résumé/Interview Tip

Cover Letters: In your cover letter opening paragraph, include what job you’re interested in and the specific reason why you are qualified for this position. A cover letter is extremely important and it has been documented that a majority of recruiters rate this document as a necessity.

Applications: Follow application instructions to the letter. Be complete, and answer only what is asked. Keep a record on who and where you have applied to, and for what positions. It is easy to become confused when you are applying to many different companies.

Résumé: If possible, try to include words like Flexibility, Detail-Oriented and Self-Motivated.

Interviews: Always be ready to ask the interviewer questions when they ask, if there are any questions. Always send a personalized thank-you letter to the hiring manager. Not only does this indicate your continued interest in the position, but it also shows follow-through and a level of professionalism.

Résumé Writing Assistance

Airworthiness Solutions is a staffing company that will assist students in writing résumés. They have a staff of professionals who have worked in the field and will be able to assist you in using all the right words and phrases needed to create a strong and powerful résumé. The résumé service includes a cover letter, 2 practice phone interviews with a recruiter, and being included in the candidate pool for Airworthiness solutions clients. One of the staff members is a TSA graduate, so Airworthiness Solutions is offering a discount to graduates, or current students of TSA, as well as military Veterans. Please contact Cesar at 404-500-1973, or email