Dress Code for Teterboro School

Teterboro School does not have an official dress code, but in the interest of safety, which is always foremost in our mind, we adhere to the guidelines established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Toward that end the following will apply.

1. No open toed shoes will be permitted at any time.
2. No sleeveless T-shirts are allowed. Short sleeve shirts are permitted.
3. No shorts are permitted, even if there is clothing worn beneath them.
4. No skirts, dresses or skorts are permitted. All students must have their legs covered. Also, if spandex pants are worn, a mid-thigh cover up should be worn so that the pants can be considered acceptable attire. Leggings without a mid-thigh cover up is not considered acceptable attire.
5. Any student with long hair must tie it back whenever you are in the shop. Long hair is defined by the ability to tie it back.
6. No “Pajama Pants”, or similar lightweight pants are permitted if you are working in any of the shop areas. Lightweight pants are permitted in the class if appropriate.
7. If possible, steel toed shoes should be worn if you’re working in the shop, to protect your feet from possible falling objects.
8. The classroom instructor, or the school director will be the final authority as to what is acceptable when it comes to dress. If the dress is considered inappropriate the student will be given the opportunity to change into more acceptable clothing. If the student cannot immediately accomplish this, in the interest of safety, the student will be sent home to make the change to his/her attire.

Our advice to all students is to look in the mirror before coming to school to make sure that your attire falls within the terms of our dress policy.

Mobility Impairment

Students may NOT wear any device for lack of mobility, to include casts, bandaged hands/fingers, walking boots, canes, braces or similar devices. A doctor’s note must be furnished to the school when the student returns to the school that required absence due to medical reasons. The note must include a statement that includes “The ability to perform practical projects”.