School Security Policy

The School Director, being responsible for the day-to-day activities while the school is in session, will be the Campus Security Officer. Any activity by a staff member, student, or visitor to the school, who is deemed to be acting in a manner that will interfere with the training program, will be subject to investigation by both the School Director and possible law enforcement officials. Any matter in which the School Director feels may be criminal in nature, the director will contact the Port Authority Police Department, through the Moonachie Police Department. This is in accordance with the lease agreement the school has with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ). A report will be generated and kept on file by the School Director.

In cases where the school must be evacuated, such as for fires, or drills, as well as terrorist threats, or other significant emergency or dangerous condition, the School Director will announce, by the public address system (if possible) and/or the Honeywell System, for all students to evacuate the building and congregate in the west parking lot, until the condition which caused the alert is resolved. After the announcement is made, the director will personally go to each class to ensure all occupants have complied with the evacuation order. This procedure may be revised, or superseded as needed by appropriate officials, such as police or fire departments. The school will perform an annual test by June 30, with results of the evacuation procedures being recorded, and a written report kept on file along with any other occurrences.