Security Report for Teterboro School

Teterboro School of Aeronautics feels that learning can only take place if a student feels protected and in a safe environment. To this end, the school does all it can to ensure the safety of the staff and the students attending. All visitors are requested to enter the school through the front office doors ONLY!! That way we can greet them and inquire as to the nature of their visit. In addition, members of the staff are constantly visiting the shop areas, the outside perimeters and the classrooms to watch for activity out of the ordinary. Teterboro School of Aeronautics encourages students, staff and employees to report any potential criminal act and/or emergencies to the directors office. Every effort will be made to keep your identity confidential.

You may report to one of the following individuals:
Edward Bennett – School Director
Mark Ungar – Asst. School Director

By doing this you are helping yourself in two (2) ways.
a. The school will continue to be a safe place for all parties.
b. Tuition costs will be minimized through reduced theft and damage costs.

The school is required to make public once a year, the nature of the crimes that have occurred in the previous year. Information is available at the front office for any concerned person who requests it. In addition, all new students entering school are advised as to the safety precautions that should be taken and school procedures for ensuring their safety.

The following are points for you to remember:

1. All incidents of a serious nature e.g.: substance abuse, bodily injury, property damage etc., will be reported to the local police. Any student directly responsible for such acts, will be suspended from school immediately. The school may consider the possibility of re-entry (depending on the seriousness of the offense), after a “Cooling Off” period of not less than 6 months. At the proposed time of re-entry, the student’s file will be reviewed and a decision will be made whether to allow re-entry. This policy will be enforced on a case by case basis.
2. All medical emergencies must be reported to the office immediately so that qualified medical personnel can be alerted as needed.
3. All doors from the outside leading to the shop areas, with the exception of the one (1) entry door, will be locked to all outside traffic. Students will enter at the open door at the west side of the building. This door will be opened at 7:50 AM and secured as of 3:00 PM. Access to the shops in the morning from the OUTSIDE, will be from this one open door ONLY and after 3:00 PM, from the office areas only. Key personnel will be available to assist you.
4. All drugs, alcoholic beverages and weapons are banned from campus. Teterboro School does not condone the use of illegal drugs on or off campus. Those that need help regarding substance abuse should contact the school office for information about such help. You can also access the following website:
5. All guests and visitors are required to present themselves at the office prior to entering onto school grounds.

In respect to crimes of a sexual nature, Teterboro School has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. No crime of this nature, nor an incident of sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking will be condoned or tolerated. The following is a policy and procedure list relating to this subject:

a. Teterboro School maintains separate restroom facilities for men & women.
b. The school promotes sexual equality in admissions, training and job placement.
c. The school will promote awareness programs that are available through local hospitals, and support groups.
d. All students during orientation are made aware of the school’s policies regarding this subject. The incoming female students, additionally, are counselled on how to protect themselves and encouraged to report any problems they may encounter.

If a sexual offense does take place, the school has the following policies:

a. The victim should immediately contact one of the school officials mentioned above.
b. Following the attack it is very difficult but IMPERATIVE that the victim preserve the evidence. i.e. NO SHOWERS, NO CHANGING CLOTHES, NO BEHAVIOR which will DESTROY evidence. The school has no facilities for counseling, but the victim will be directed to the nearest rape trauma center, hospital, or police station, for the evidence to be gathered.
c. The victim is encouraged to contact the local police to report the attack and the school will do all it can to assist you.
d. While the investigation is being conducted, the alleged perpetrator will not be permitted on school grounds. The victim will have their choice on attending school, or not.
e. Both the victim and the alleged perpetrator will both have the same rights during a disciplinary hearing. Both parties may have others present during the proceedings and they both will be informed of the outcome.
f. If it is determined that an attack did occur, the perpetrator will be dismissed from school permanently, with no chance of re-entry. In addition, the school will voluntarily cooperate with law enforcement officials, if any legal action is taken.
g. If requested, the school will adjust the victim’s educational training to help them re-adjust to the school.
h. Information on obtaining the names of sex offenders in the NJ area can be found at:
2. The Port Authority of New York/New Jersey Police

Below are the crime statistics for the past three years: September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019

Any questions regarding any of the data contained on this form, can be obtained from the School Director’s office during normal business hours.

Incident Number of Incidents
Incidents due to sex offenses: rape, fondling, incest, statutory rape or stalking 0
Incidents due to alcohol or drugs 0
Incidents due to weapons charges 0
Incidents of a motor vehicle vandalism or theft 0
Incidents of burglary or theft 0
Incidents of aggravated assault 0
Incidents of prejudicial crimes: larceny-theft, simple assault, intimidation or property destruction/damage/vandalism 0
Incidents of domestic violence 0
Incidents of arson 0
Incidents of dating/domestic violence 0
Incidents of criminal homicide: murder and non-negligent manslaughter or negligent manslaughter 0
Incidents of sexual harassment 0

In the event of an Emergency, or Evacuation

Teterboro School uses the Honeywell Alert system for any and all emergencies. This system sends a text message directly to the student’s phone.

The School Director, or Asst. Director will initiate this system.

A. In case of a dangerous situation:
1. The situation will be evaluated as to its severity
2. If it is determined to be a dangerous situation, students will be notified through the Honeywell system to “Lock down” in place and secure all doors/windows. Authorities will be notified and further instructions will be given.

B. In case of a non-dangerous situation:
1. If it is determined not to be a dangerous situation, students will be notified as to the problem and advised accordingly.

As mentioned above, Teterboro School uses the Honeywell Alert System to notify our students and staff of any kind of emergency or situation. We run tests on a yearly basis, generally unannounced so that we can recreate a real-life scenario. If the situation requires it, we bring in The Port Authority of NY/NJ police, who have jurisdiction over our property and they create a report which then becomes public knowledge. If necessary, they notify the surrounding community to take appropriate action. The school director records the time and date of each test in his records.